As I wrote in my book and I have been writing here on this blog I believe that every single one of us has a hot dog stand somewhere inside of us.  The hot dog stand is a passion for a particular walk of life, career, business, or job that gets you so excited each day that you dedicated yourself to your life, others, and this whole world more than you ever thought was capable.
Every once in a while though instead of you finding the hot dog stand inside of you, the hot dog stand finds you.
Chris Spielman.
All American at Ohio State, 4 Time NFL Pro Bowler and 10 year NFL Vet, Husband, Father, College Football Analyst, Widower, The Man who will rid this world of Breast Cancer.
Quite a description for a person.
It is all true.  The NFL Network recently aired in what seems to be an outstanding documentary series “A Football Life” an hour long show on Chris Spielman.
I highly recommend you go find this on demand from the NFL Network, a rerun, whatever you need to do get it and watch it!
Chris is a co worker of mine and someone I have known casually for a few years.  I know his story, his triumphs, and his hardships from being around the station and seeing him speak and talking to him a handful of times.  But for those of you unaware Chris was an All American Linebacker at Ohio State, 10 year NFL Pro Bowler, and more recently a loving father and husband.  When his wife Stefanie was diagnosed with breast cancer over 15 years ago the two of them made a vow to never stop until they found a cure.  Stefanie is now gone but Chris fights on every single day and to date their fund has raised over $12 million dollars that sends 100% of the proceeds towards research in finding a cure for breast cancer.  They recently renamed the OSU Cancer Hospital after Stefanie.
For the rest of the story find the documentary!
Someone reading this blog I guarantee will benefit from the Spielman's work either themselves personally in their own battle or a family member or a friend that will have a successful battle with breast cancer. Because of this family I believe that by the time Chris is done walking this Earth he will find a cure.
Because Chris will stop at nothing.  He and his family are dedicating their lives to helping others not go through the hardships that their family has faced.
Finding a cure to breast cancer is Chris’s hot dog stand.  He says in the documentary that “it’s not something you choose.”  To be a widow, to be a cancer fighter is not something any of us would go out and find but he went on to say that when it came to him he realized he had no desire to do anything else but to find a cure and fight this disease and that's what truly motivates him every day when he gets out of bed.
He wants to change people’s lives.  He wants to find a cure.  He will do that.
His hot dog stand was chosen for him that fateful day in the mid 90’s when his widow Stefanie was diagnosed with cancer but instead of pushing it away and ignoring it they both tackled it head on and he won’t ever stop giving cancer hell every single waking hour of the rest of his life.
Keep digging for your hot dog stand but know sometimes it comes to you in the least likely of ways.  Be open and be ready to accept everything life throws at us.
Thanks for reading everyone!!  Have a great day and if you would like to leave a story of anyone else who had their hot dog stand find them leave it below, we would leave to hear about it.
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Carpe DIEM!

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